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שלח לחבר שותפים

Tavor Trade in Israel and around the world

These partnerships are part of the company's marketing strategy.

These partnerships are designed to develop, create and lead new projects in a variety of different business interests,

Disciplines that develop and increase the platform Our company products.

Tavor trade operates and strives tirelessly to find new projects and partnerships in Israel and around the world alike.

Here are a variety of partnerships as well as business strategies.

  • refrigerators Filters

    refrigerators Filters

    water sentinel is an American company that manufactures filters for refrigerators substitute while placing A focus on quality and implementation of stringent international standards. Tavor Trade the exclusive representative of the European Water Sentinel.
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  • MP mega parts

    MP mega parts

    MP-Mega parts is the house brand of Tavor trade. Tavor trade mark as a manufacturer embeds the MP for All of our products sold across Europe.
  • water line

    water line

    water line is exclusive house brand Tavor Trade in home filtration and treatment fur. All products branded water filters with this symbol. Water Line sells today at DIY stores and all Dealers DIY worldwide Water Line products are very high quality and approved by the Israeli standard.
  • eunasa


    eunasa is a Spanish company that manufactures and markets equipment and spare parts for institutional kitchen and coffee. Tavor Trade is a strategic partner and its exclusive representative in Israel and the entire region. Companies are collaborating in various exhibitions in the world of the institutional kitchen, industrial and coffee.
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  • Microfilter


    Microfilter Korea is among one of the world's largest manufacturers of filters. Tavor Trade company serves as a strategic partner of Microfilter and serves as its exclusive representative in Israel West Bank, Jordan, Greece and Cyprus. Microfilter manufactures filters for refrigerators for the world's biggest manufacturers such as GE, LG, SAMSUNG
  • klearbarPartners


    Klearbar United States - Inc. is an American company which Tavor Trade business partner. Tavor trade as a developer is used in drinking water facilities and soda, the seat of Klearbar is New York. Klearbar set a goal - to be the world leader in facilities and drinking soda. The next two years Israeli citizens will also use advanced Klearbar products.