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Microfilter - next generation Water purifier

שלח לחבר Microfilter - הדור הבא במטהרי מים
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MICROFILTER is a manufacturer of water purification systems
The most advanced in the world, represented exclusively in Israel
By the company "Tavor Trade LTD".

Among other things, produces MICROFILTER Original Filters
For refrigerators for many international brands such as:
The company's products are sold in many countries in the world, known thanks to their quality and reliability, which allows obtaining water pure and clear.

MICROFILTER products of the series M9 water purifiers, line filters K2010 and Membrane filters TFC are the only ones in Israel with Israeli Standards Mark and thereby became the leader in home water purification.

There are MICROFiLTER authorized distributors throughout the country which will give personal, professional and detailed consulting (without any obligation) and to offer a more solutions in the area of water purification.

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