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Tavor Site is a trade spare parts for kitchen appliances and large institutional online and in Israel. Diverse products you can find on our website is the largest and most diverse in Israel and abroad. Tavor Trade is manufactures, markets and exports spare parts for air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and washing machines and more.

The company, the largest in Israel for spare parts and replacement parts for appliances, enjoys a reputation of 35 years and markets its products in Israel, Europe and the world alike.

Additionally operates the company markets water purification systems and advanced domestic sector and business, filters and filters for refrigerators and providing solutions to various water for all types of industry. Like In addition, the Company operates in the coffee and kitchen institutional and offers a variety of products and parts in this area. society enjoys a vast array of products and my clients are all companies in the service, organizations, hotels, restaurants, Ministry of Defense, and private and business customers alike. society different branches throughout the country Some operate under franchise and some under the management's constant Tavor trade. society, subsidiaries, operating under the full control of Tavor Trade and engaged in various fields such as advanced water solutions in the United States and Europe, developing and manufacturing line of unique products in drinking water home solutions, pesticides green and additional investments in industry and commerce in general and Israel in particular.

This site has the widest range of our products in Israel and enjoy a variety of items in excess of 40,000, and is the site online according to the different needs of each client. Staff wish you a pleasant browsing our website