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Tavor trade site Secured at the highest level!
Dear surfer,
Security - we take care for your silence.
On the site have been invested considerable effort to ensure the preservation of customer data.
On site security is with stringent international standards.
The first time you make an order, you will receive a user name and password.
This can ensure the privacy of your order, and save time.
Your personal details are kept on a secure server that is not accessible by users.
Scrambling around SSL encrypted data sequence which is indecipherable.
In addition, we also operate the most advanced security measures of hardware and software: firewall, CHECK POINT and more.
Credit card companies have approved the transfer of cards information on site and
Secure international standard PCI-DSS credit card data security.
Tavor Trade company committed to keep confidential of details of your order, and not transferred any other entity.
Please note that by law the credit card when the card is used by an unauthorized party, the cardholder will not be responsible.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable browsing on our website.